Champion mechanical reverse gear for Harley-Davidson powered motorcycles, trikes, and sidecars.

A true mechanical reverse gear that means you can stop worrying about how and where to park your bike or trike. Easy to operate, in neutral, clutch-in, shift handle back, roll on the throttle and release the clutch to back up, it's that easy!

Available for 2000 and later Harley Davidson Softail and touring models with OEM 5 and 6 speed transmissions.

Standard Features:
Great for motorcycles, trikes or sidecars.
Low gear ratio to ease you back.
Does not affect any of the forward gears.
Overall transmission dimensions unchanged.
No exhaust modification needed (Except for Softail models with 5 speed transmissions).
Constructed from quality materials, precision-engineered design.
motor operated, no battery drain.
Limited 1 year warranty.
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