Bikes To Trikes is a factory authorized dealer for Lehman and Champion Trikes with over 20 years of experience in installation and service of Champion, Lehman, Motor Trike, Roadsmith (Trike Shop), California Sidecar, and Mystery Designs brand trike conversions. We provide preventative maintenance, repairs, and customization for all brands of motorcycle trikes. We can also professionally install your Mystery Designs, US Trike, or Frankenstein trike kit. As Colorado's first full time trike dealer we have installed more trikes than every other installer in the state combined. Our customized Harley baggers and trikes have been featured in regional and national magazines and have won national shows.

We Install and set-up side sidecars providing custom mount fabrication for uncommon sidecar and bike combinations. We are a dealer for Champion Sidecars and carry the Oculus WCA (wheelchair access sidecar).

We are an S&S factory direct dealer and can assist you with expert installation of engine power upgrades for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle or trike.

We also provide in house design and fabrication of custom controls for disabled riders.